Our 3 Favourite Photography Blogs

I’ve been following a whole lot of photography blogs as well as websites for several years. A large number of information regarding photography on the net these days is among the primary ways which I was happy to know more about digital photography and post-processing, and it simply keeps getting much better.

Thus, when you’re searching for a few great content to put in your RSS reader, then here’s a great list to help you get started. Furthermore, these are generally listed in no specific order … I really like all of them so much I don’t think I’d be able to even choose which I loved the best.


Fstoppers rose to popularity in the photography arena during the time co-founder, Lee Morris, carried out a fashion photo shoot utilizing only his iPhone 3GS. It is just one illustration of the creativity as well as innovative thinking the blog has displayed to its viewers since being released around 2010 both by Morris and co-founder, Patrick Hall. The website provides lessons, reviews, and advice both for newbies and professionals in the discipline.

Eric Kim

Eric Kim‘s street photography is both equally motivating and simple. The majority of these blogs provide specific, in-depth guidance, such as what sort of cameras to utilize, or lessons around the newest editing software, however, Kim’s posts pass on a different message: His own philosophy is if you desire to become a photographer, simply go out and take action. On his own words: “does not matter what your circumstance in life is, there isn’t any better time for you to become a photographer than today.” Exactly what I love about Kim’s photo blog is that he provides guidance on the way to simply take the opportunity in pursuing your own passion. Also, he has a YouTube page, in which he reviews devices and posts videos of his own street image shoots.

Ken Kaminesky

In case you’re searching for a stunning, enchanting photography blog, your search is over since Ken Kaminesky has perfected the art of travel photography. He’s shot commercial lifestyle images for stock photography businesses like Getty Images, Corbis, and Jupiterimages, and around 2016, he co-founded Discovery Photos Tours. Apart from his photos which you will get caught looking at for several hours, you could also get lost in Kaminesky’s storytelling on his blog. I promise you would want to pack your bags having seen all of the enchanting spots Kaminesky has been.